Unleash Your iPhone’s Full Potential: Discover the Secret iOS 16 Features that Transform Your Device into a Powerhouse

These hidden iOS 16 features will help you unlock the potential of your iPhone. You can turn your iPhone into a powerful device with our services and software. Find out the latest tips and tricks.


You probably didn’t even know that your iPhone can do this.

Apple launched iOS 16 in September 2022. Since then, there have been many iPhone updates. The most recent is iOS 16.4 and iOS 16.4.1. This new software introduced a whole host of iPhone tricks, including the ability to unsend text messages or emails as well as cut objects from photos. There are always a few hidden features or settings in each iPhone update.

You’ll learn about iOS 16’s lesser-known features, such as password-protected albums of photos and easily-accessible Wi-Fi passwords.

While you’re at it, brush up on some of the new iOS 16 features that you will love and others you may hate. (Luckily, there is a solution). Check out the iOS 16.5 release date if you want to know what Apple has planned for next.

Find out how to view and share saved passwords.

Apple iOS users can share Wi-Fi Passwords by placing their devices close to each other. If the feature did not work automatically, it was impossible to find out your password in settings. You also had to memorize the password if you were going to share your Wi-Fi saved password with another person, such as an Android or computer user. Until now.

To view the network password, tap on the strong>Password /strong> section and then use Face ID or enter your passcode to view it. Tap the Password section to see the password. You can then enter Face ID, or your passcode. The password can be copied into the clipboard by tapping Copy.

Remove duplicate images and videos.

You may have downloaded the same video or saved the exact photo more than once. This has resulted in multiple copies littering your album. If you have plenty of storage, it may not matter, but if space is an issue, iOS 16 allows you to remove all duplicates.

You should now see the new duplicates album in Photos – albums. Apple will scan all your photos to find any video or photo you have saved in the album more than once. You can then delete duplicates or press merge to keep only the best photo (and all relevant data).

You can remove all photos and videos that Apple believes are duplicates at the same time by hitting ChooseSelected All, and Merge.

Using Siri to Hang Up Phone and FaceTime Calls.

Siri can do a number of different things. The virtual assistant can be used to play music, send text messages or get directions. But she has never been able hang up the phone. It’s a little strange, right? With iOS 16, this is finally possible.

Go to Settings and select Siri & Search. Make sure “Hey Siri”, has been toggled. You should now see a new menu option — Hang up Call. Click on Call Hang Up. Say “Hey Siri” when you are on a FaceTime or phone call and tell her to end the call.

Connect Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons to your iPhone.

Apple allows you to connect third-party controllers like the PS5 Sony DualSense or Xbox Core Controller to iPhones and iPads to play mobile games such as the Apple Arcade Library, Minecraft, and Call of Duty. You can now add another console to the list.

You can pair the Joy-Cons with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 16 if you have a Nintendo Switch. Hold down the black button until you see the green light flashing. The device will be in pairing mode. Select the Joy-Con in the Bluetooth list by opening your iPhone, then going to Settings > Bluetooth. Then repeat the process with the second Joy-Con.

Password protection is now available for albums that have been recently deleted or hidden.

It is obvious that the Hidden album of Photos in iOS can be easily found by anyone. This makes it impossible to hide private videos and photos. Apple has an option that makes the Hidden Album “invisible”, but anyone who can access your phone and see it could also make it visible.

With iOS 16, it is now possible to lock an album. This feature is enabled automatically. Launch the Photos application and click the albums button at the bottom. You’ll notice a small lock beside the Recent Deleted and Hidden albums if you scroll down. You’ll have to enter your Face ID code or passcode in order to view these albums.

Photo and video editing by copy and paste.

You can copy and paste edits between photos if you are using the Photos editor. This includes brightness, saturation and contrast. You can copy and paste edits from one video or photo to another in the camera roll.

Launch the Photos application and select a picture that has been fully edited. Tap on the menu with three dots in the upper-right corner, and select copy edits. The option is only available if you have edited the image within Photos and not in a third-party editor. Then, select the photo that you wish to paste the edits to. Tap on the menu with three dots and hit Copy Edits. You should be able to see your photo edited after a few seconds.

Siri can be used to send emojis as well with IOS 16.

Siri can send complex text messages or emails using dictation. With iOS 16, you can now use voice commands to send emojis. Siri will insert emojis into text if you have the correct emoji name. For example, “face with tears emoji”, “red heart” etc.

You can use your iPhone keyboard’s keyboard dictation, which is accessible by tapping the microphone icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen, to say an emoji wherever you type text. For example, you could insert it in a message or caption in Instagram.

Add haptic feedback on your keyboard.

iPhones have had haptic feedback for a long time. You can feel it under your fingers when you try to remove an app from the home screen, or type in a wrong password on your locking screen. It’s strange that haptic feedback was never available on the iOS stock keyboard until now.

To enable the slight vibration of each key that you press, navigate to Setting >> Sound & Haptics >> Keyboard feedback. Then toggle on haptic. You can disable the sound that you hear when typing in something, if your phone is not on silent mode.

Safari allows you to pin your favorite tabs with IOS 16.

Safari limits the number of tabs you can have open to 500. If you are nearing this limit, you may find it difficult to locate what you want. There’s no need to scroll forever, there is now a way for you to quickly find that tab.

If you hold down on a tab in Safari you can now choose Pinning Tab. The tab will be moved to the top, as a small tab preview. You can tap it to see. When you unpin and press down on a tab it will be moved to the top of your open tabs grid.

You can use Face ID even if you are lying down.

You may have tried unlocking your iPhone in a vertical position, such as when lying down on your back, but it didn’t work. For Face ID to function, you must place your iPhone upright or in portrait orientation. Face ID can now be used to unlock an iPhone in landscape mode with iOS 16. For this feature to work you will need an iPhone 14 or 13 running iOS 16

Share your screen with notifications.

Apple disables notifications as a privacy measure when you share your desktop, either via SharePlay or Screen Mirroring. If you don’t mind others seeing your notifications, you can allow notifications in iOS 16. Go to Share Screen in the Settings app and turn on Allow notifications.

You can copy screenshots directly to the clipboard, without saving them.

It’s not necessary to store a screenshot in your album before sharing it. You can now take a screen shot, copy it onto your clipboard and then paste it wherever you want. You can take a screen shot, then select Done at the top right, and tap copy and delete to save the screenshot.

Apple Apps preinstalled can be removed.

You can remove certain pre-installed iOS apps, such as Stocks, Maps, and Calculator, but not others. Since the release of iOS 16 you’ve been able to remove three additional apps: Clock, Find My and Health. These apps may cause problems with your Apple Watch and other connected apps and devices if you delete them.

Siri will listen to you for longer.

Siri will no longer cut you off if you want her to. She’ll listen for longer and catch all of your words. This feature can be found in Settings, but it’s not the most obvious. Go to AccessibilitySir,, then select either Longer, or Longest. Try both options and see what works for you.

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