Manage Your Download History in Google Chrome: Learn How to View and Delete Downloaded Files with Ease

How to View and Delete Download History in Google Chrome


Click the menu three dots in the upper-right corner of Google Chrome and select “Downloads.” To remove a download from your history, click the X icon next to it. Click the 3-dot symbol on the Downloads Page and then click “Clear All”. This will wipe out your entire history of downloads.

Google Chrome for Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Chrome OS makes it easy to view your previous downloads and clear them if needed. How to clear your download history.

Open Google Chrome. Click the menu (three dots vertically) at the top-right of any window. Click “Downloads” in the menu.

You’ll be able to see your entire download history when you click on the “Downloads tab”. You will see a list of your active downloads here. The status of the file will determine what appears beside each entry. You’ll notice “Deleted”, next to the name of a deleted file. You can resume a download if it was stopped by clicking on the “Resume”.

You can also open the location of a file with an easy link. Click “Show In Finder” to do this in Finder for Mac. Click “Show In Folder” to open the location of the file on Linux, Chrome OS or Windows.

Close the tab “Downloads”, once you are done with the list. Chrome will store a list of all your downloaded files unless you clear it manually.

A Guide to Clearing Download History in Chrome

To delete your Chrome download history, click the menu three-dot button and then choose “Downloads”.

Click the “X” in the upper right corner to remove a download. This will not delete the files that Chrome has saved on your computer.

Remove any additional files from your Downloads list by repeating the same steps.

Click the “3 dots” button on the blue Downloads toolbar to completely delete your download history.

Select “Clear All” from the menu.

Chrome will delete all of your downloaded files. Chrome will not delete any files that you may have downloaded.

Incognito Mode, Chrome’s private browser mode, will not delete your list of downloads. If you wish to maintain your privacy, it is best to regularly erase the download history. Enjoy your downloads!

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