Master Instagram Stories: Learn About Stickers, Effects, Key Settings, and More with Our Comprehensive Guide

Instagram Stories 101" is an article that explains how to use stickers, effects, and key settings on Instagram Stories for beginners. It also provides tips and tricks for making the most of this feature.


Learn how to create Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories has become an essential feature on the app ever since its launch in 2016. Stories allows you to post multiple images in a slide show format that disappears at the end the day.

Your Story can include photos, videos or text from another account. Because Stories do not appear in your grid of photos on the main page, you can use them to post an image, video, or text that you’d like to share.

The Stories feature is a way for you to keep up with the latest activity of the people that you are following (though , you can bring back the chronological feed). The Stories appear in a vertical line above the feed. If you are following someone, you will see their profile picture with a circle of color around it. You can tap the profile image to see its Story. Continue tapping to see the Stories of all accounts that you follow.

It’s easy to navigate through stories. When browsing through the stories of friends, you can swipe left or right to move to the previous story, and tap the screen to skip the photo. You can stop a Story by pressing and tapping the screen if you wish to focus on a particular photo. You can restart the story by lifting your finger. The same thing works with video. To react, you can either swipe upwards on a Story or press the heart in the lower right corner.

Instagram Stories: Everything you need to Know

Snapchat is similar to Insta Stories.

Stories is a collection of temporary video, images or text, which are arranged into a gallery to tell a narrative.

Start an Instagram story in a couple of ways: swipe right, click the plus symbol on your profile photo or move to the upper right corner and tap the plus icon there. After you have done either of the above, continue with these steps.

1. To take photos, tap the circle button at the bottom. Tap and hold the to record video. Swipe up the screen to add videos or photos from your gallery. You can also tap on the icon for the camera in the lower left corner of the screen.

2. Add text to photos and videos (the Button), or draw on them (the Three-Dots button).

3. Save your Story by tapping Done.

4. To share the story with your Story or a custom list of friends, tap the My Close Friends button.

You can send your video or image to a friend at the same moment that it is posted to your story by clicking the Arrow Icon. Simply click the bubble next to Your Stories, and the friend you wish to share the image with. After your friend has seen the image, it will vanish.

Continue these steps to add another photo or video. Your Story will include each photo that you upload within 24 hours.

Select up to 10 images at once from your gallery, or you can use the Multi-Capture function (Go to the camera screen and click the the downward carrot on the left ).

A colorful circle appears around your profile picture after you post your Story. This will let your followers and friends know that you have posted new content. You’ll also see your profile photo at the top right of each follower’s Feed. To see your Story, they only need to tap on your face.

You can remove stories from your accounts if you are prone to adding items that you regret later. You can remove Stories. You can delete stories.

Live video, boomerangs and hands-free, Oh my!

Instagram offers a variety of options for your Instagram Story, including video and photography.


The short, fun videos play backwards and forwards.

1. Swipe right to start a Boomerang. You will be taken to the Stories Camera.

2. Choose Boomerang from the list on the right.

3. Tap the record button to take a burst photo.


You don’t need to hold down the button to record a video. You can record videos without using your hands by selecting the Hands-Free menu option.

1. Open the Stories Camera by swiping right on your feed.

2. Click on the carrot to the right.

3. Click the Hands Free button.

Live video

It is possible to make live videos on your Stories. This feature is similar to Facebook live video.

1. Open the Stories Camera by swiping right on your feed.

2. Select the live option by scrolling down the list of options.

3. You can choose to title the Live video and schedule it, or make it public.

A Live tag appears on the Instagram Stories bubble as a way to notify your followers.

Add filters, stickers and GIFs to your photos

SnapChat’s ability to customize your pictures with fun and flare is one of its best features. Instagram Stories also have many customization options. Swipe across the photo or video after shooting it to apply a filter. Choose from Lagos, Los Angeles or Abu Dhabi.

Tap the filter name (just below the user’s username) if you are interested in trying it out. You can choose to use it immediately or store it for later.

Like Snapchat, Stories lets you apply augmented reality effects to photos. How to use them.

1. Click on the Story camera.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the various filter options. Scroll to the bottom and click the magnifying lens for more options.

3. Click on the filter to see it in action.

4. After you’ve found a filter that you love, take a picture or a video. The filters work also on Instagram Live.

Add stickers after you have selected your filter. In the upper right corner, next to the text button, you’ll see a sticker with a smiley-face. You can add stickers to your Story by tapping the button. You can add stickers to your Story based on the current weather conditions, holidays, days of the week and quizzes. You can move, resize, and add more stickers after you have added one.

Create your own stickers using images from your photo gallery. Here’s how:

1. Tap the sticker button after taking a picture or recording a video.

2. Scroll to find the icon that shows your latest camera roll picture.

3. Select icon and choose one of your pictures to be used as custom stickers.

4. Tap the sticker to transform it into stars and hearts.

Another option for customization is to use hashtag stickers. Tap on the Hashtag sticker to customize with your hashtag. The sticker will allow other people to search for photos that have the hashtag. The hashtag can be added to the regular text of your story and will also become clickable.

You can search for emojis and GIFs if you are looking to add a specific sticker, such as a cat. Tap on the GIF symbol to add a GIF to your message. Giphy will then open a library with moving images. Add the sticker you choose to your page just like any other sticker. You can find sparkles, heart shapes and more fun effects for the environment of your subject by searching “Effects”.

After you’ve added your stickers, add some catchy text. Tap on the icon on the upper-right side of your screen to add text. Then, tap the color you want. Don’t worry if the colors aren’t quite right. You can swipe left to see more color options or use the eyedropper icon to select a specific color.

You don’t need to upload a picture and only want a canvas where you can type text. Click the Aa button in theleft. To change the canvas color, tap the colored button on the bottom right.

You can swipe through the icons at the bottom of the page to find gifs and other options, such as countdown widgets or quizzes.

Tag your followers and friends

To tag someone, you simply need to add the @ symbol and the user name to the text of a Story. Tags are live links to the profile of the individual. You can tag as many people as you want.

Send Stories Directly

Share other peoples’ Stories by selecting the Direct icon (it looks like an airplane in flight) at the bottom of the Stories screen. Then, select the friend with whom you’d like to share the story, type a message, and then tap Send.

You will receive a Story in your Direct mailbox. But be quick. You won’t have access to the article after it disappears.

You can disable the ability to share Stories if you do not want others to be able. To turn off Share Messages, go to your Stories.

It’s easy to flip through stories

It’s easy to navigate through Stories. When browsing your friend’s Stories, you can swipe left or right to move to the previous story, and tap a photo to skip it.

You can stop a story if you wish to focus on a particular photo by holding down your finger and tapping on it. Lift your finger to restart the story. It also works with video.

Get rid of annoying people

You can muffle a Story if you cringe when you see it in your Story list. Tap and hold the Story icon of that person when they appear in your Story list. You will be presented with a window that allows you to muffle this person’s story.

The Story is not completely hidden when you mute it. The Story will not automatically appear when you are playing Stories. To restore the stories of people who have been muted, you’ll need unmute them manually. Tap and hold the Story icon of that person and select Unmute.

You can choose to allow or deny access for others. You can choose to hide your stories from certain people.

1. Click on your story camera.

2. Click the settings icon.

3. Select story.

4. Select Hide my Story from. Choose your parents or anyone else from the list, and then tap Done. Your Story will not be visible to them, however they can still see all of your other posts.

You can also prevent people from sending messages to you from within your Story. Select an option in the Allow message replies section of your Story Settings. Choose Followers who follow you backNo to prevent any comments.

Want to know who is reading your story? Swipe up to open your story. The bottom of your screen has a counter of views and names of people who have viewed the story. There is also a heart beside the name of people who liked it. This information is only visible to you.

You don’t need to delete your stories forever

You can save your Story to your mobile phone if you don’t wish to delete it. Tap the More button at the bottom of your photo or video. Select Save.

This will save all your stories to the camera roll automatically. You can save your Stories automatically by going to your story camera. Find your story settings. Slide the Save Story to Camera Roll on. The videos and photos will automatically be saved in your Camera Roll on your smartphone every time you create an Story.

You can also add your videos or photos to the grid of your profile if you wish to make them more visible to everyone. Open your Story and click the Share button at the bottom of the video or photo. Your photo or video appears in the grid of your profile. Be careful, anyone who can view your profile grid is able to access the video or photo. You will not be able to add any special protections.

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