Maximize Your Browsing Experience: A Guide to Enabling Google Chrome Flags and Unlocking the Power of Beta Features

Unlock the Power of Beta Features: A Guide to Enabling Google Chrome Flags


Enter “chrome://flags”, search for your desired flag, then set the “Enabled” option. To make the changes take effect, you’ll have to restart Google Chrome.

Google Chrome has a lot of features. However, many aren’t available by default. If you are aware of where they can be found, Chrome’s “flags”, which enable beta and experimental features. This is surprisingly simple.

Google often hides features in flags until they’re ready. These features can sometimes make it to the stable release, but also disappear suddenly. It’s part of the experience to use experimental or beta features.

Flags are also available for various platforms. There are flags available for Chrome running on Android and Chrome on Windows. It is easy to enable these flags.


There is a good reason why these features aren’t available for everyone. These features may not function correctly, and can have a negative impact on your browser. Flags are enabled at the user’s own risk.

Open the Chrome web browser first on your PC, tablet, or smartphone. Chrome flags can be accessed on nearly every platform including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iPhone iPad and Android.

Enter Chrome://flags into the address bar.

Now you will be in a new page called “Experimental”. It is divided into two columns, Available and Unavailable. The “Available list” can be scrolled through or searched for specific flags.

Select the “Default” drop-down (it will normally say that) and then “Enabled.”

You’ll have to restart your browser after enabling the flag to make the changes. Before relaunching, you can activate multiple flags. When you are ready, click the “Relaunch button”.

It’s as simple as that. Now you can customize your browser to your liking. Go out and try out some of the upcoming Chrome features.


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